What I am

A top-notch IT System Administrator/Engineer with over 9 years of experience.

A mediator between research and information technologies (Research-IT).

A knowledge-hungry fast learner with a can-do attitude.

A creative problem-solving thinker with keen technical insights.

A penguin aficionado, passionate cook and a part-time gamer.

What I might be

A webdesigner, webadministrator or webmaster.

A Data Analyst.

A climbing buddy.

What I am not

An expert application/software engineer.

A statistical mastermind.

A Super Smash Bros. champion.

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import re

def show_picture(string):
    Determines what kind of picture will be presented
    to the user
    :param string: string from which origin the user
    comes from, e.g. HR or when I sent a job application
    :return: correct picture
    if re.search('human ressources|hr|job application|mom',
        #re.IGNORECASE for case INsensitivity