Yays (aka Things I excel in)

*nix Server Systems Over nine years working with Unix Server Systems (mainly Ubuntu, CentOS and OSX).

OSX, Windows and Linux Clients All clients are supported at the University, so proficiency in those client systems is compulsory.

Terminal Who needs a GUI if you can have a SSH tunnel to your beloved server? It's simplicity and straight forwardness is absolutely wonderful.

Client and Server Hardware Being a sys admin, developer and researcher you'll administer everything yourself, from upgrading your laptops HDD to a SSD to replacing an old cluster host with it's storage raid.

R One of the most powerful open-source software for Statistics I used for calculations.

Zend Framework A powerful PHP framework used for the COSMOS-Platform to ensure flexibility and security likewise.

PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL, HTML, Git Self taught - Indispensable programming languages for developing an online platform.

German & English Language Fluent and accurate communication is key in international teams.

RTS, MOBA , FPS and Pen-and-Paper Games Enjoying the thrills of competitive, challenging and social gaming since the year 1991.

Cooking Artisanal creativity that brings joy to the culinary soul of others and myself.

OKs (aka Things I'm still improving)

Windows Server Environments Only used Windows Server infrequently (for obvious reasons).

PowerShell Powerful bash surrogate. Know only the basics, but still learning.

Python, Bash Often used but not yet a pro. Still doing projects to improve both.

Table soccer A bit rusty but proficient enough to survive late bar championships.

Bread baking Easy to learn, hard to master. My olive bread is quiet decent.

Nays (aka Things I just can't get a hand on)

Hardcore Mathematics

Football My feet are dodecahedrons if playing this sport.

Pineapple on Pizza No. Just don't.